• जेठ ११, २०८१ शुक्रबार
    24 May, 2024, Friday

    Nepal Telecom got permission for FiveG test

    २०७८ मंसिर ७, मंगलबार

    २०७८ मंसिर ७, मंगलबार

    Kathmandu: Nepal Telecom has got permission for FiveG test. The board meeting of the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal has given permission to Telecom for the FiveG test.

    NEA director Amber Sthapit informed that the Fibji test was allowed. Despite the decision of the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee during the tenure of the then Communications Minister Parbat Gurung to allow FiveG to Telecom, the implementation was delayed due to lack of coordination. Telecom has been provided 60 MHz frequency for 5G test in 2600 bands.

    In the decision of the board meeting held on October 12, it is mentioned that ‘Telecom will be given approval for the testing of FiveG in accordance with the procedure of testing new technology including FiveG, 2078’.

    Telecom is preparing to test Fibji within a year. Though Nepal Telecom has got permission to test the FiveG service, no decision has been taken in the case of Ncell. Ncell has also sought permission from the government for the FiveG test.


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