• जेठ १४, २०८१ सोमबार
    27 May, 2024, Monday

    The Ministry of Home Affairs said, “Go abroad to study only after completing the process.”

    २०७८ माघ २५, मंगलबार

    २०७८ माघ २५, मंगलबार

    Kathmandu: The Ministry of Home Affairs has urged the students going for study abroad to go for study by completing the process prescribed by the concerned country and the educational institution of that country.

    Ministry Spokesperson and Joint Secretary Phanindra Mani Pokharel issued a statement on Monday saying that the students going for foreign studies have been cheated and left behind.

    The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has said that the government has intensified surveillance on unlicensed educational consulting firms, unauthorized online advertising agencies and illegally acting as representatives of educational institutions in various countries abroad.

    Spokesperson Pokharel also urged the individuals and organizations working illegally to lodge information, complaint or complaint at the District Administration Office in Nepal or the nearest Police Office and Nepali diplomatic missions abroad.


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