• जेठ ६, २०८१ आइतबार
    19 May, 2024, Sunday

    The lock on NIC Asia Bank was broken

    २०७७ पुष ७, मंगलबार

    २०७७ पुष ७, मंगलबार

    The lock of the NIC Asia Bank branch in Kailali has been opened.

    Police team opened the lock about half an hour after the lockdown.

    Employees of the bank were also locked inside when the service recipients locked up.

    The service recipients had locked up the service saying that the service was provided in an arbitrary manner.

    He accused the bank employees of not providing quality service and giving priority to people they know. The bank administration has stated that it has not been able to withstand the pressure of the service recipients as the revenue of the Land Revenue Office is deposited in the branch.


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