• वैशाख १३, २०८१ बिहिबार
    25 Apr, 2024, Thursday

    Congress leader beaten up for registering candidate from Kathmandu

    २०७९ वैशाख १२, सोमबार

    २०७९ वैशाख १२, सोमबार

    Kathmandu, April 16: Congress leader Dharmaraj Pokharel, who had come from Kathmandu to register his candidature, has been beaten up.

    General Convention Representative Dharmaraj Pokhare was beaten at the helipad at Bhawangaira in Diktal.

    Though all the ward committees, city committee and district committee of Diktel Rupakot Mazhuwagadi Municipality had recommended district deputy chairman Tirtharaj Bhattarai for the mayoral ticket, the provincial committee had given the mayor’s ticket to Pokhare.

    Pokhare came to the district to register his nomination after the provincial committee gave him a ticket for mayor. After giving the mayor’s ticket to Pokhare, the cadres started agitation.


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