• असार १२, २०८१ मंगलबार
    25 Jun, 2024, Tuesday

    Telecom’s annual festival offer made public

    २०७८ माघ २५, मंगलबार

    २०७८ माघ २५, मंगलबार

    Kathmandu: Nepal Telecom has made public various facilities on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of its establishment. The company has launched Volti service with various features that can be used on Forge mobiles across the country.

    Pratibha Vaidya, acting managing director of the company, said that she has brought ‘NT Anniversary Offer’ in the program organized on the occasion of the anniversary. According to the offer, 20 GB data can be used for 10 days at Rs 294, 6 GB data for three days at Rs 98 and one Mbps data for Rs 69 every day from January 17 to February 3. The company had made free VoLTE calls within its network on January 7, the day of the anniversary.

    On the occasion of the anniversary, the company will provide various services free of cost to 14 orphanages and old age homes, as well as sports materials and free data services to at least one government and community school in each province. Vaidya also informed that food will be sponsored for one year for the animals and birds including tigers at Sadar Zoo Jawalakhel.

    Hon’ble Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Hon’ble Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, who was the chief guest at the function, said that in order to establish the company as a leading and responsible service provider in the fierce competition in the telecommunication sector of the country. Were instructed. He directed the telco to expand the quality FTTH service as per the demand.

    He said that although the services of the company were smooth and attractive, there was no publicity among the consumers. He said that special attention should be paid to this. The Hon’ble Minister thanked the company for its contribution in disseminating public awareness message and disseminating information while carrying social responsibility even in the event of COVID-19 epidemic and natural calamities in the country. At the event, the chief guest made a commercial launch of the souvenir and volley service prepared on the occasion of the company’s 18th anniversary through virtual media.

    Likewise, the company has announced the awarding of long service medals and certificates to the employees who have completed 20 years of service in the company as well as honor and medals to the vendors and ampos vendors who sell the most recharge cards of the company. Was done. From Newspaper Daily


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