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    17 Jul, 2024, Wednesday

    Vehicle license distribution stopped, printing intensified, card distribution soon

    २०७८ माघ १७, सोमबार

    २०७८ माघ १७, सोमबार

    Kathmandu: The Department of Transportation Management has informed that the distribution of licenses has stopped as soon as the third wave of Corona started.

    Director General of the Department of Transport Management Nawaraj Ghimire said that the distribution of driver’s licenses has been stopped and the printing work has been expedited.

    Similarly, the distribution of cards to millions of people waiting for licenses is in full swing.

    “For that, six and a half thousand cards are being printed in three shifts daily,” said Director General Ghimire.

    According to him, smart cards are being sent to the transport offices as soon as they are printed. Distributed from there. Ghimire said, “It has not been printed for a long time. Now printed smart cards are being distributed.” One lakh cards have been printed since the new card arrived. About 450,000 smart licenses remained to be printed. About one lakh of them have been printed and sent for distribution.

    The printing of smart licenses has been started from last December 22. Director General Ghimire said that more than one lakh smart licenses have been printed since the beginning of printing. According to him, more than one lakh cards are being sent to the transport offices by printing at the rate of six and a half thousand per day. The department has expedited the card printing work after receiving 1.4 million cards and completing the technical test.

    As the third wave of Corona epidemic has started, the license distribution service has been stopped since January 25. According to Navina Rimal, information officer at the Transport Office, Chawhil, the distribution of licenses has been suspended till further notice.

    Information Officer Rimal said, “The distribution of licenses has been stopped for some time due to overcrowding in Corona epidemic.”

    According to him, the vehicle can be driven by paying the revenue bill. He said, “Even if you don’t have a card, you can drive with the bill paid by the revenue. You don’t need the card.” He said that the distribution work will be resumed after seeing the condition of the covid. Those who do not have a license will be fined Rs 1,000, says DSP Santosh Roka of the Traffic Police Office. He said that if there is a bill for paying the revenue, he will work for the license.


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