• असार ३०, २०८१ शनिबार
    13 Jul, 2024, Saturday

    Diktel Rupakot Mazhuwagadi Municipal Alliance candidate wins

    २०७९ जेठ ४, बुधबार

    २०७९ जेठ ४, बुधबार

    Khotang, 3 June. In Diktel Rupakot Mazhuwagadi Municipality, the alliance candidate has won for the post of mayor and deputy mayor.

    Congress candidate Tirtha Raj Bhattarai and UCPN (Maoist) candidate Vishan Rai have won the post of mayor and deputy mayor respectively.

    According to the Office of the Returning Officer, Kumar Prasad Acharya of the CPN-UML got 6996 votes while Tirtha Raj got 11389 votes.

    Similarly, his nearest rival Binadevi Rai of CPN-UML got 7391 votes while Vishan got 10438 votes.

    Rastriya Prajatantra Party mayoral candidate Jeevan Kumar Shrestha got 405 votes and deputy mayoral candidate Chandra Kumari Rai got 566 votes while Khambuwan Rastriya Morcha Nepal’s mayoral candidate Subash Rai got 48 votes.

    Acharya, who was the VDC vice-chairperson in 2054 BS, and Binadevi, who won the deputy mayoral election in 2074 BS, have been defeated in this election.

    Bhattarai, elected mayor, is the deputy chairman of the Nepali Congress, District Working Committee, Khotang.

    He is currently the representative of the Federal General Assembly.


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