• श्रावण ८, २०८१ मंगलबार
    23 Jul, 2024, Tuesday

    Ward office vandalized in Khotang, four arrested

    २०७८ चैत्र २२, मंगलबार

    २०७८ चैत्र २२, मंगलबार

    KATHMANDU: The office of Halesi-Tuvachung Municipality-3 Chasmeetar ward of Khotang has been vandalized. The ground floor room of the two-storey building of the ward office was vandalized. On Monday night, local youths broke the lock of the ward office and vandalized it.

    The vandalism damaged 17 plastic chairs, three wooden benches, a plastic table, a white board, two helmets and two power sockets, said Ward Chairman Bhalaraj Rai.

    Similarly, Ayurvedic medicine kept for distribution on the 27th of every month has been found scattered. A silver jug ​​filled with water has been found to be cracked.

    The ward is functioning from the upper floor of the two-storey building of the ward office. Four youths have been arrested on the charge of involvement in the vandalism, said Sagar Shah, Inspector at the District Police Office, Khotang. The incident is being investigated, police said.


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