• असार १२, २०८१ मंगलबार
    25 Jun, 2024, Tuesday

    ‘One Teacher One Laptop’ in Suryavinayak

    २०७८ पुष २९, बिहिबार

    २०७८ पुष २९, बिहिबार

    A school in Suryabinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur has started ‘One Teacher: One Laptop Program’.

    Suryavinayak Municipality Ward No. The program has been implemented by Ganesh Secondary School in Sipadol.

    As per the program, the school has distributed laptops to 20 teachers.

    The principal of the school Rabindra Kumar Thapa informed that laptops have been distributed to 20 teachers of the school.

    Rabindra Kumar Thapa, headmaster of the school informed that the laptops were distributed as it is necessary to make teaching and learning effective and to make the teachers information technology friendly.

    “We felt the need for this laptop to carry out teaching activities through information technology nowadays,” he said.

    He said that the teachers were happy with the support. Ward Chairperson and Chairperson of the Management Committee of the same school Kiran Thapa informed that laptops have been provided to the teachers to continue the reading even in case of inability to do physical reading during the epidemic.


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